Lotus Evora

The Lotus Evora is a sports car produced by British car manufacturer Lotus. The car, which was developed under the project name Project Eagle, was launched as the Evora on 22 July 2008 at the British International Motor Show.


The Lotus Evora is based on the first all-new vehicle platform from Lotus Cars since the introduction of the Lotus Elise in 1995 (the Exige, introduced in 2000, and the 2006 Europa S are both derivatives of the Elise). The Evora is the first vehicle of three vehicles to be built on the same platform; the remaining two vehicles will be on sale by 2011.

The Evora is the first product of a five year plan started in 2006 to expand the Lotus line of cars. As such it is a larger car than recent Lotus models Elise and its derivatives (Exige, Europa S, etc.), with an estimated kerb weight of 1,350 kg (3,000 lb). It is currently the only Lotus model with a 2+2 configuration, although it has been announced that it will also be offered in a two-seater configuration, referred to as the “Plus Zero” option. It is also the only 2+2 mid engined coupé on sale. The interior is larger to allow taller persons to fit, such as Lotus CEO Mike Kimberley, and two 99th percentile (6'5″) American males.

The cooled boot behind the engine is large enough to fit a set of golf clubs, although Lotus Design Head Russell Carr denies that this was intentional. Lotus intends the Evora to compete with different market sectors including the Porsche Cayman.

The name “Evora” keeps the Lotus tradition of beginning model names with an “E”. The name is derived from the words evolution, vogue, and aura. Other names considered were Eagle, Exira and Ethos; Exira was rejected as it was considered not good enough and the other two because it would be difficult for Lotus to claim them as a trademark.


Sales are expected to start in summer 2009. The sales target is 2000 cars per year, with prices between £45,000 and just over £50,000. It will arrive at American dealers beginning in January 2010.


On 12 August 2009, British car magazine Autocar named the Evora as Britain's Best Driver's Car 2009.


The car was reviewed by presenter Jeremy Clarkson on the British automotive television show Top Gear. The review was positive overall. Clarkson considered the rear seats to have not enough legroom, the interior felt cheap and the satellite navigation was sub-optimal. On the upside he was very happy with the performance, handling and comfort. He was extremely impressed with the ride comfort, taking it off the track comfortably.

The Evora also won EVO magazines 'Car of the Year 2009' and CAR magazines 'performance car of the Year 2009'.


Acceleration: 0-60 mph in 4.9 seconds                                           Top speed: 162 mph (261 km/h)
CO2 emission: 205 g/km
Fuel consumption: 32.5 miles per imperial gallon (8.69 L/100 km; 27.1 mpg-US)
Drag coefficient: 0.337


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