Eurogamer interview with Takashi Lizuka

Takashi Lizuka
Takashi Lizuka is the creator of the 3-D Sonic game characters, and here is an interview known as the “Colour of Sonic”.

Eurogamer: How do you feel when you read old-school Sonic fans slagging off the Sonic franchise and what it’s become?
Takashi Iizuka: The fundamentals of both games, the 3D Sonic or the 2D side-scrolling games, are the same. Sonic is all about the speed and the platforming. It just comes down to how the gameplay differs when you’re playing in 3D and 2D side-scrolling.
I understand there are differences in the ways users interpret the 3D side than the fans who particularly like the 2D classic side of the game.
This is why we’re releasing two different types of Sonic games this year – to please the 2D classic fans who have been playing from the Genesis [Mega Drive]. Sonic 4 is more for those fans. There are also fans who like the 3D Sonic games which have been released in the past couple of years. Sonic Colours is probably more for the users who appreciate the 3D side of Sonic.


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