2011 Jaguar XJ


Jaguar XJ, 2011 Front


In 2011 Jaguar will release the new Jaguar XJ series which will replace the 2009-2011 model.
Top competitors:

  • BMW 7 Series
  • Lexus LS460
  • Maserati Quattroporte
  • Mercedes-Benz S Class
  • Porsche Panamera

Price: US$72,500 – US$115,000
Vehicle Type: Front engine, rear wheel-drive, 5 seater, 4 door saloon.
Engine types: DOHC 32-valve V-8, aluminium block and heads, direct fuel injection; supercharged and inter-cooled DOHC 32-valve V-8, aluminium block and heads, direct fuel injection
Displacement: 305 cu in, 5000 cc
Power (SAE net): 385 bhp @ 6500 rpm (V-8)/470–510 bhp @ 6000 rpm (V-8 supercharged)
Torque (SAE net): 380 lb-ft @ 3500 rpm (V-8)/424–461 lb-ft @ 2500 rpm (V-8 supercharged)

Transmission: 6 speed automatic with manual gear change.
Wheelbase: 119.4–124.3 in (3.03 m – 3.15 m)
Length: 201.7–206.6 in (5.12 m – 5.24 m)
Width: 74.6 in (1.89 m)

Height: 57 in (1.44 m)
Curb weight: 4050–4300 lb (1837 kg – 1950 kg)

0-60 mph: 4.7 – 5.4 seconds
Top speed (governor limited): 121 – 155 mph (194 – 249 km/h)
Fuel Economy:
City: 15 – 16 mpg (15.6 – 14.7 l/100km)
Motorway: 21 – 23 mpg (11.2 – 10.2 l/100km)

This car has a 5 litre engine and it was first made in 1968 by British Leyland Motor Corporation. This car has 20-inch wheels. This car has been built in England by Tata Motors of India.

On sale in 2011, the XJ is going to be released with three engine types and two wheelbases. The engine shared with the XF series. The 5 litre V8 starts at US$72,500 to US$115,000 for the XJ Supersport. The XJL Supercharged will cost US$90,500.

Jaguar XJ, 2011 Rear


Fang the Sniper

Fang the Sniper

Fang the Sniper

Fang first appeared in Sonic and Tails 2 (Sonic the Hedgehog Triple Trouple in Europe and the USA) (Game Gear, 1994). The character was formerly called Nack the Weasel in the West (USA and Europe), but he was still called “Nack” in the comics. In the games, Fang was discontinued after the release of Sonic the Fighters (Sonic Championship in the USA and Europe) (Arcade, 1996), but went back during the release of Sonic Gems Colllection in 2005, his only modern appeareance. He is still in the comic books and mangas (Japanese term for comic).

Interview with Yuji Naka Part 2

Yuji Naka

Yuji Naka

Sega.com: When Sonic and his friends sit down to eat after a long hard day of chasing Dr. Eggman, what do they like to eat?
Yuji Naka: They probably eat McDonald's® hamburgers, I suppose? And I think they will get a complete line-up of Happy Meal® premiums.
Sega.com: We get a whole lot of letters on this one: Do you think Sonic and Amy Rose will ever get married?
Yuji Naka: There will be hardly be any chance, I bet. Amy will continue to pursue Sonic all the time, but Sonic will not ever get married. I think so, because I cannot picture the image of Sonic that he is married and has his children! Also, I feel it is a more Amy's style to always chase Sonic.
Sega.com: Is Sonic excited about being on all of the platforms in Sonic Heroes? What about it thrills him the most?
Yuji Naka: Of course he is excited, because more people than ever before will enjoy his game. He seems thrilled to be able to run on the various platforms!
Sega.com: What is Sonic's favorite thing to do in his free time?
Yuji Naka: …I feel certain that he is running somewhere, because he loves running.
Sega.com: Sonic sure is busy — how many hours of sleep does he need per night?
Yuji Naka: Hmm, I suppose he sleeps the ordinary eight hours a night or so, because unless he sleeps well, lack of sleep will affect his run…
Sega.com: Did Sonic have a hand in changing Dr. Robotnik's name to Dr. Eggman for the United States games? If so, was he trying to make fun of his nemesis?
Yuji Naka: To tell the truth, his name has not changed. Robotnik is his real name and Eggman is a common name taken after his shape. Possibly, it may have been Sonic, who uttered this alias for the first time! I feel, though, Sonic uses this name affectionately, rather than trying to make fun of him.
Our thanks to Yuji Naka and Sonic for taking the time to answer our questions!
[Source: SEGA of America Inc. from Sonic Central website]

Yuji Naka

Opel confirms small car for 2013

Speaking at a press conference in Eisenach, Germany on Thursday, Vauxhall/Opel CEO Nick Reilly announced a new small car below the Corsa. Production will start in 2013 at Eisenach, in the state of Thuringia in Germany. “This new product will be an important element in our growth strategy” said Reilly.

The car will be expected to rival the Ford Ka and the forthcoming Volkswagen Up mini.

GM's European unit said it will invest €90 million (aprox. US$120 million) to manufacture the small car.

In addition to the small car, Reilly also confirmed the automaker's plans to introduce a sporty coupe and a small 4×4 car.

Along with other new vehicles, such as the upcoming electric Ampera, a sporty coupe and a small SUV, we will significantly expand our product lineup in the future and offer customer choices in several more segments

said Reilly without getting into specifics.
[Source: Carscoop]

Another General Motors firm called Holden based in Australia is planning to make a small car.

Vauxhall/Opel Astra Petrol (04-07)

2011 Toyota Highlander

Toyota Highlander

For 2011 Toyota (Japan) will sell the Highlander costing from US$27,390 to US$42,945. The car was announced at the Moscow Motor Show. The car will be released in the U.S.A. on the 24th of November. The car will have two petrol engines, a 2.7 litre four cylinder with 187HP and 3.5 litre V6 with 270HP.

An updated Hybrid version will have a 3.5 litre V6 petrol engine to replace the 3.3 litre V6.

The EPA estimated fuel economy is 28 MPG (8.4 l/100km) city and 28 MPG (8.4 l/100km) motorway.

Table of Highlander prices (in US Dollars)

Ford Fiesta ST, 2012

Ford Fiesta ST
In 2012 Ford is going to be released the Ford Fiesta ST, a sporty version of the Fiesta.
The Ford Fiesta ST will receive darkened headlamps. This car will have a 1.6 litre engine and a 2 litre engine of the EcoBoost engine family, all turbocharged. The Ford Fiesta ST will have big alloy wheels. The car will have about 200hp.

Still, Ford has not done any annoucements for the Fiesta ST yet. This car will rival the Polo GTi which will be released in 2011.
The photo shown above is a prototype version tested in Germany.