BMW i8

BMW i8 – an Icon of Progress

Sometimes it is time to leave the city. Escape the restrictions of everyday life. The BMW i8 is an icon of progress. It combines the energising performance of a sports car with benchmark efficiency.
The BMW i8

Purpose built

Like the MegaCity Vehicle the BMW i8 is purpose built, only for a different purpose. The LifeDrive structure allows a progressive sporty design, balanced weight distribution and low centre of gravity, which results in superior driving characteristics. High-tech, super strong CFRP for reduced weight and enhanced aerodynamics let you enjoy sporty driving with a clear conscience. Thanks to the intelligent LifeDrive architecture up to four passengers can share this unique driving pleasure.

Plug-in Hybrid

As a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) the BMW i8 combines the best of both worlds. It lets you experience the fascinating driving experience of electrically powered cars with zero local emissions for everyday use. At the same time it offers sports car performance, unbeatable fuel efficiency and improved range for longer journeys.
But sustainability is not limited to the car's stunning efficiency. The BMW i8 features sustainable premium interior materials that make you feel good about something that feels great.
[Source: BMW]

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