LA to host next Porsche Experience Centre

Porsche revealed designs at the Los Angeles Auto Show this week to build a new Experience Center in California. The 53-acre facility will be constructed in the city of Carson in the Los Angeles Basin. The facility will be a grown-up amusement park for fast automobile loving people with throw-away revenue. It will boast a gym, a restaurant, a customer delivery center and a world-class test track among other benefits. The facility is planned to open in 2013. Article resource: Porsche plans to open Experience Center near Los Angeles.
Every little thing to expect
The Experience Center will, as reported by the Daily Breeze, have:
“A world-class test track and handling course where drivers can practice maneuvering on rain, ice and snow. A section called Ice Hill will have a steep slope and water jets. Another off-road area will include 45-degree declines and ascents…The center also will feature a gift shop, cafe, and an athletic training facility for people interested in experiencing how professional drivers train – including heat acclimation training and hydration strategies.”
A ton of cash into two centers
Giffels/IBI and Tilke Engineering are producing the Carson center. There are designs for another Experience Center also. This Atlanta center will have the headquarters for the automaker in the U.S. Porsche is not going cheap with the facilities. It designs on spending $100 million to them both. Experience Centers aren’t brand new. They exist in England, China and Germany already.
Don’t stress about children at the Experience Center. There will be special programs just for them.
Greens and apartment complex done
There is a 64 unit apartment building and Dominguez Hills Golf Course, which has a two-deck driving range, which is where the Porsche Experience Center will go up. The owners of the Don Dominguez Apartments originally agreed to vacate, but later petitioned for it to remain open through the summer of 2012, when construction on the Experience Center is slated to begin. The Carson building authorities said no to the request.
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