Ford fuel economy doesn’t please customers

Ford has a problem with its public image, claims Green Car Reports. As reported by a poll, Ford's gas mileage efforts aren't bearing fruit in the public perception. The automaker's own customer poll discovered that 68 percent of United States consumers see Fords as fuel guzzlers. Article resource: Public opinion poll: Ford fuel economy is severely lacking

Everything the consumers believe

For gas mileage, the Ford Fiesta and Ford Focus are at the top of the list. Still, customers don’t consider the brand a fuel efficient company. Ford global marketing chief Jim Farley is having trouble finding the silver lining in this dark cloud.

“There are 240 million people driving vehicles in America, and only 32 percent have a good opinion of Ford on fuel economy,” Farley noted while at the Barclays Capital 2011 Global Automotive Conference. “That means 68 percent don’t.”

Selling a ton

In the first three quarters of 2011, Ford made $6.6 billion. This is mostly due to the Explorer SUV and fuel-efficient Fiesta. This year, through October, Ford’s sales are up 11 percent. The auto industry has a 10 percent overall gain. People have a very various perception about Ford’s gas mileage. That is why Farley believes the company should do more.

“Fuel economy is ground zero in pricing power in the U.S. for Ford,” Farley said. “If you can change perceptions on fuel economy, you can change pricing power across your whole lineup.”

Making things various

Ford doesn’t struggle with gas mileage. On the subject of mpg, the 2011 Ford Escape ranked top five in its class. The 2012 Ford Fusion Hybrid got top 10 in its class too. For about $20,000, you can get over 40 mpg with the 2012 Focus SFE and 2012 Fiesta SFE.

Mileage will be improved about 20 percent with EcoBoost technology. Really, this ought to change what the public believes. The debut of the 2012 Ford Focus Electric should also help sway favor, much as the Chevrolet Volt EV did for GM.

“But we have a long way to go,” Farley said. “Those that own fuel economy in the U.S. own pricing.”

Changes at Ford

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