Buick and GMC dealers do a makeover

Dealers of General Motors brands, Buick and GMC have made a makeover in the United States of America.

The programme includes a new exterior façade with updated signage, brigher and more confortable showrooms with a customer greeting station as well as a lounge with free WiFi, while some dealers plan to go a extra mile and add a café or salon to the mix.

The Global architecture firm, Gensler, is responsable for the styling of the dealerships, which also helps Buick and GMC dealers incorporate the changes to their existing facilities.

GM says:

The changes are important because both Buick and GMC currently attract more than 40 percent of their buyers from brands outside General Motors,

According to GM, more than 80% of eligible Buick and GMC dealers (more than 1,900 dealerships across the U.S.), have enrolled the dealership update programme, with 170 dealers already completing the makeover. GM says that the makover would be fully revitalised by the end of 2013.

One of the first to complete the makeover is Paul Masse, owner of two Buick-GMC dealers in New England.

The design group from Gensler did a great job with the colors and appearance. Masse said. It really does bring in a new type of customer.


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