Spanions ban Call of Duty: Black Ops II from being sold there

The Spanion Government has announced that it was banning the upcoming Call of Duty game, Call of Duty: Black Ops II, which will be released on November 13, 2012 and will be published by Square Enix in Japan and Activision in the rest of the world.

They’ve banned the game, because of using “Anonymous” as an enemy and also it had references illuminati symbolism. It also had references to death in it.

While on the other hand in Daniel-Land, all games published by Rockstar Games (such as the Grand Theft Auto series) have been banned.


Daniel-Land to leave

The Daniel-Landic Government has announced that it would leave, in order to become an administrator of MicroWikia. Also, Kyng Fyrst has proposed a name change disagreed by MicroWikia administrator Emperor Karl of Utopia. The suggested name was MicroWikia, the name used by users of to refer the old and original MicroWiki.

However, the king of Daniel-Land had wrote on a comment on Micro-Blogs saying that the old name on the header should be kept, but the name could be changed on the logo for sufficient renaming.

Also, Utopia has announced to turn itself into a Holy Roman Empire of micronations, but the king of Daniel-Land suggested that its provinces could be part of the newly-revived Slinky Empyre as a successor to Utopia.

Slinky Empyre gets revived after several attempts

On January 2011 the Slinky Empyre collapsed. Now Slinky Empyre is due to be revived soon according to various chats and messages on MicroWikia between Emperor Karl of Utopia, the King of Daniel-Land and Kyng Fyrst.

The Daniel-Landic Government tried to claim the Slinky Empyre in order to revive it as part of Daniel-Land but it wasn’t supported by most micronationalists and this led to a war.

In April 2012, when Kyng Fyrst returned to micronationalism things changed, he was told by various micronationalists if he could revive the Slinky Empyre, which did work.

The new micronation will consist the Saint Rychard Department. It is unknown if would also claim the Herway Department, which was also ruled by Kyng Fyrst.

We will find out in the comments.

2013 Renault Alpine

Renault has now unveiled it's new Alpine, a low-cost supercar costing aprox. €30,000, the price of a mid-size car or a small electric car. The car is based on the Renault Dezir concept car.

This car could make sports cars popular then ever before. it gets the elements from the Renault Megane RS, the sporty version of the Mégane. However you would be joking if the car could 250 km/h (155 mph) and has a 3.5 litre V6 petrol/gasoline engine but cheaper than €100,000.

It's futuristic look, cheap price, big engine, 2+2 seats and fast speed could make sports cars more popular than ever before and the dream or wish of wanting a sports car (or a Ferrari, Bentley, Dodge Viper or Aston Martin) is now gone with the launch of a new Renault sports car which will be released next year.

Micronational community on YouTube declines (dies)

According to the Emperor of Spanionte (formerly Zalkaria), he mentions on the MicroWiki blog that the micronational community on YouTube is dying.

However the YouTube channels of Daniel-Land, Spanionte, the soon to be renamed and re-claimed states and provinces ruled by Emperor Karl of Utopia, New Dixie, Meltonia (which had my favourite YouTube video featuring sign-off/closedown and has high quality videos too!) and perhaps most other YouTube channels from MicroWikia and nations managed to survive.

According to the Emperor of Spanionte he says  that he was going to talk with  YouTube channels called “Spain”, “Croatia” and “Israel” for that purpose.

This is way the king of Daniel-Land wanted establish DTC because of what happened to the micronational community on YouTube and to introduce a 24-hour intermicronational television service.