New online university planned for the Saxon Empire

A new online university allowing Saxon citizens – and others – to study at home (similar to the British Open University) is being planned for the Saxon Empire. King Penda II will be looking into options for hosting the service, potentially opting for a Moodle VLE (virtual learning environment) system.

The first Saxon-endorsed qualification offered is set to be in Linguistics. It is also hoped that basic beginners’ courses can be offered for the constructed languages of the constituent nations.

All constituent nations may offer courses through the University.


I’m not happy!

MicroWikia has just got sillier and sillier. There are micronations who are trying to sockpuppet our site, notably Alexander Reinhardt (under user name Kajac) and Tsar Kuri I of Gishabrun (as Sebastiao Reis), hence the Ultamiya News article about it.

Many of the people on here like me, Harshdvan, King Penda II, Karl Friedrich or Harry Fitzpatrick don’t like the silly things happening on MicroWikia and I’ve announced that Micropedia, our new wiki project should have the people on here that respect MicroWikia.

A list of them is shown on my user blog at:,_if_they_accept_my_post

If everyone or the majority on MicroWikia accepts my post and opinion, then we could have a peaceful wiki, more peaceful than the two MicroWiki wikis.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2013/Winning Eleven 2013 to be final game in the PES series

Pro Evolution Soccer/Winning Eleven 2013 will be the last game in the Winning Eleven/Pro Evolution Soccer series.

The game will be released in Europe on September 20, 2012, while the UK will get it the next day (21 October), while Japan will get it on October 4th, 2012, according to its Japanese website.

UBS could be replaced!

The West Danlandic Government has decided to replace the United Byzantine States and has decided to either make a micronation that is a merger between West Danland and the Saxon Empire or if West Danland could join the Saxon Empire.

This why Daniel I wanted this because, he said:

The UBS hasn’t got a lot of activity and only our state broadcaster and newspaper are fully active and since Elefthfria had left the UBS, West Danland and the Saxon Empire (I don’t know about Vetria) are the only ones part of the UBS and my plan is to either make a unitary state both of those micronations or that West Danland could be part of the Saxon Empire.

We will see on this and we will King Penda II would accept it!

The People’s Republic of New Finland might be a puppet nation of St. Charlie

The Daniel-Landic Government had discovered that the user name Kajac, might be Alexander Reinhardt sockpuppeting. A micronation called People’s Republic of New Finland might led into civil war with Ivan Holmes of New Finland, West Danland’s ally.

If a civil war begins, West Danland will support the Republic of New Finland. Many people on MicroWikia say that it could be Alexander Reinhardt, similar how we discovered Sao Sebastiao being a puppet micronation of Gishabrun.


2013 Volkswagen Golf: Official Pictures

Today, Volkswagen has announced official pictures of the upcoming seventh-generation Volkswagen Golf. The car first made its début in 1974 and has sold 29 million cars over the years.

All Volkswagen Golfs from 1974 to 2013.
The European car range will have a 1.2 litre petrol/gasoline engine, returning 4.9 litres/100 km and a 1.4 litre TSI petrol engine. The car [for Europe] will also have 1.6 litre and 2.0 litre diesel engines.

Volkswagen also says that the car will also reduce Co2 emissions.

The Mk7’s (up) interior compared with the Mk6’s (down) interior.