Happy Halloween!

Here at DanNews we wish you a happy halloween! Today it is still Hurrican Sandy in the U.S. and also Disney has purchased Lucasfilms and plans to make a new Star Wars film for 2015.


Wreck-It Ralph makes world premiere

Today, the new Disney film Wreck-It Ralph has made its world premiere. The film stars videogame characters (real and fictional), including Ralph, Sonic the Hedgehog, Dr. Eggman, Clyde from Pac-Man, etc. The film will be released in the US on November 2, 2012.


We have announced that in order to boost our popularity on all of our sites, we have now announced that AutoDan will close down and will be moving to a new site called Dan News. They will be now be part of the Cars (AutoDan) category of DanNews.

On DanNews they will be five super-categories:  News, Cars, Micronations, Stamps and Sonic.

If you want new cars news go to: https://dantimes.wordpress.com/category/cars/

Also our sister Daniel Sonic will also merge with DanNews.


AUTODAN 30th May 2010- 26th October 2012

Ford closes Southampton and Genk factories

Ford is to closed the Ford Transit factory in Southampton, England after 40 years being produced there. It has also closed the Genk factory in Belgium where the Ford Mondeo/Contour  is built. The Southampton plant will close in July 2013.

According to British website and news programme, ITV News it said that it lost 1,400 jobs in the UK and 4,300 jobs in Belgium.

However next year, Ford is to introduced new Mondeos (to be called Ford Fusion in North America) and Transits.

The reason why Ford closed the factories to restructure its business and to so that the city of Southampton could go out of recession.