I’m not happy!

MicroWikia has just got sillier and sillier. There are micronations who are trying to sockpuppet our site, notably Alexander Reinhardt (under user name Kajac) and Tsar Kuri I of Gishabrun (as Sebastiao Reis), hence the Ultamiya News article about it.

Many of the people on here like me, Harshdvan, King Penda II, Karl Friedrich or Harry Fitzpatrick don’t like the silly things happening on MicroWikia and I’ve announced that Micropedia, our new wiki project should have the people on here that respect MicroWikia.

A list of them is shown on my user blog at: http://micronations.wikia.com/wiki/User_blog:Dancarblog/The_people_that_will_be_joining_Micropedia,_if_they_accept_my_post

If everyone or the majority on MicroWikia accepts my post and opinion, then we could have a peaceful wiki, more peaceful than the two MicroWiki wikis.