UBS could be replaced!

The West Danlandic Government has decided to replace the United Byzantine States and has decided to either make a micronation that is a merger between West Danland and the Saxon Empire or if West Danland could join the Saxon Empire.

This why Daniel I wanted this because, he said:

The UBS hasn’t got a lot of activity and only our state broadcaster and newspaper are fully active and since Elefthfria had left the UBS, West Danland and the Saxon Empire (I don’t know about Vetria) are the only ones part of the UBS and my plan is to either make a unitary state both of those micronations or that West Danland could be part of the Saxon Empire.

We will see on this and we will King Penda II would accept it!


West Danland to withdraw from the Khilian War

The West Danlandic Government has decided to withdraw from the Khilian War, due to discovering that Sao Sebastiao was a sockpuppet nation of Gishabrun.

Why do some of the people at or GUM have to sockpuppet our site?”

King Daniel I said.

Daniel I had discovered this sockpuppeting from our Lord Protector King Penda II when he was talking to King Daniel I, King of West Danland, Vyceroy of East Danland and Chancellor of the United Byzantine States about this sockpuppeting and Daniel I had also noticed in the Ultamiyan Times, the national online newspaper of Ultamiya that those people on Skype were trying to put the GUM rubbish (garbage) on MicroWikia for some reason.

EDIT: Now the reason why we joined the Khilian War because we didn’t want Khilia to invade Europe’s micronations and we thought that Sao Sebastiao was not a sockpuppet of Tsar Kuri I of Gishabrun.

Kingdom of Domanglia joins the Saxon Empire

The Kingdom of Domanglia has become the most recent constituent nation to join the Saxon Empire. The Kingdoms of West Germania had been traditional allies even before the creation of the Saxon Empire and had agreed on the tenets of the Crannist political philosophy, often resisting fierce opposition from the rest of the micronational community. They had previously co-operated in the Runic Union, an organisation for Germanic nations, together with the Kingdom of Theodia.

The Domanglian-controlled United Principality of Bovorttemberg and Bravassia has now been dissolved and replaced by Domanglia on its full entry into the Empire. His Royal Majesty King Dominic is looking forward to his future career as one of the chief Saxon politicians.