Report: Seat Launches 4 models in 2012

Seat logo
Volkswagen's Spanish subsidiary SEAT is going to launch 4 models in 2012.
According to CEO James Muir:

“We want to increase our 340,000 unit sales from last year – by 8 to 10 percent – thanks to existing models. We aim to sell 45,000 units of the Ibiza ST (station wagon) this year. And the Alhambra already is well above plan so we expect a full-year volume of 20,000 units. This proves that our brand is gaining strength,”
For 2012, the company has even bigger plans, fueled by the launch of four new models. “We will launch four new cars: the new Leon, a totally new entry-level model, a four-door sedan and a major Ibiza facelift,”

SEAT by the end of 2011 was going to release the Volkswagen Lupo based Arosa. While in 2012 it was planning a new Toledo based on the upcoming Leon.
James Muir also said that SEAT will increase employers from 300 to 800 by almost the end of 2011. And he said that by 2018 he will sell 800,000 cars worldwide and a 15% investment. Could SEAT enter North America by 2018?


Fiat to launch the new 2012 Panda in November this year

Fiat Panda
The Italian car firm Fiat (who bought 25% of Chrysler) is now assembling the new Panda for November 2012, as the third generation Panda. The car made it's debut in 1980 and rebadged in Spain as a SEAT Panda (Spain's popular car) from 1980 to 1983. The car will have it's world premier at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Since 1999 until 2003 the Fiat Panda decreased it's sales, but since the new Panda came, the sales increased. The Photo shown here is the second-generation Fiat Panda Cross. It has been 8 years since the current Panda was made. The car is divided into 3 generations:
First Generation (1980-2003)
-Popular in Spain (as a SEAT) ever since, the SEAT version became the Marbella in 1986 until it ended it's production in 1998. The first Panda was small.

1980 Panda

First Panda (1980-1986 Phase)

The car was designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro.
In 1999 sales decreased.
Second Generation (2003-2011)
The car has been changed from the previous Panda, it creators made the car more bigger than ever.

2011 Formula 1 season is on

Sebastian Vettel
Red Bull and McLaren dominated  the first qualifying season of the year, with two teams qualifying 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th in the Australian GP Qualifying. Sebastien Vettel did 1 min 23.539 seconds.

“We have worked hard to get the RB7 where it is and that's down to the factory. It was a pleasure today but at the moment we have zero points like everyone else. The size of the margin is a surprise. We had a good feeling coming here but we didn't know for sure where we would be,”

said Vettel
Here are the qualifying times:
Qualifing results

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