West Danland joins Saxon Empire.

The West Danlandic Government has approved joining the Saxon Empire and it plans that the Kingdom of West Danland would be revival of the Kingdom of the Visigoths.

Daniel I likes the new coat of arms, very nice and it likes the new campaign poster.

New coat of arms


UBS could be replaced!

The West Danlandic Government has decided to replace the United Byzantine States and has decided to either make a micronation that is a merger between West Danland and the Saxon Empire or if West Danland could join the Saxon Empire.

This why Daniel I wanted this because, he said:

The UBS hasn’t got a lot of activity and only our state broadcaster and newspaper are fully active and since Elefthfria had left the UBS, West Danland and the Saxon Empire (I don’t know about Vetria) are the only ones part of the UBS and my plan is to either make a unitary state both of those micronations or that West Danland could be part of the Saxon Empire.

We will see on this and we will King Penda II would accept it!

The People’s Republic of New Finland might be a puppet nation of St. Charlie

The Daniel-Landic Government had discovered that the user name Kajac, might be Alexander Reinhardt sockpuppeting. A micronation called People’s Republic of New Finland might led into civil war with Ivan Holmes of New Finland, West Danland’s ally.

If a civil war begins, West Danland will support the Republic of New Finland. Many people on MicroWikia say that it could be Alexander Reinhardt, similar how we discovered Sao Sebastiao being a puppet micronation of Gishabrun.


New unified look for our blogs!

We are planing to unify our blogs under a new look. We are also introducing a new social network that micronationalists can use called DanSocial, our competitor to Facebook and Twitter and also a search engine called DanWeb.

DanWeb has been around since 2006 and will return to replace Daniel Network, Danland’s previous search engine in 2012.

Our new look will also include links to our other websites and also it will have more thiner and more better so you can read this blog easier.

So enjoy it! Good luck.

If you don’t like the new look, we can change it.

Problem Solved!

Now we know why Austenasia blocked King Daniel I because of the ongoing GUM leaks. GUM leaks are trying affect MicroWikia badly, such as sockpuppeting and user blocking. Dancarblog was 15th in the MicroPoints until Austenasia blocked him.

ā€˜Iā€™m going to try to find an excuse to ban him [Daniel] from Wikia.ā€™, Emperor Jonathan Declan of Austenasia on August 18th, 2012, when King Daniel I has not done anything wrong on MicroWikia. Just something happened on MicroWiki.org.uk, doesn’t mean he has to get block on MicroWikia. Anyway MicroWikia and MicroWiki.org.uk are no longer affilated anymore.

If they do this again I will have the right to either disssolve the GUM or block Austenasia from MicroWikia. I don’t if admins can be blocked on Wikia or not.

But some great news is, is a good job that Monovia is making a new encyclopedia of micronations called Micropedia. But the bad news is of Austenasia. We have not vandalise MicroWikia!


Austenasia blocks King Daniel I from MicroWikia.

Austenasia has blocked Daniel-Land. While no official word or message has been discovered, this blockage was discovered when Daniel I was trying put a comment. One person is called “Anonymous user” whereas the other seems to be “Austenasia” on various block messages.

Daniel I has done anything wrong to MicroWikia and has not done vandalism. The reason why King Daniel I edited an article and added “that West Danland and New Finland had invaded Greater Khilia, was because of the Khilian War, which had begun when Greater Khilia had declared war on Sao Sebastiao and also because of New Finland and West Danland hating Greater Khilia, because trying to conquer European micronations and also this statement is not vandalism because it was a plan that West Danland and New Finland (and originally Smallia) wanted to claim Greater Khilia because of what it did with Sao Sebastiao, before discovering the micronation being puppet micronation.