BMW i8

BMW i8 – an Icon of Progress

Sometimes it is time to leave the city. Escape the restrictions of everyday life. The BMW i8 is an icon of progress. It combines the energising performance of a sports car with benchmark efficiency.
The BMW i8

Purpose built

Like the MegaCity Vehicle the BMW i8 is purpose built, only for a different purpose. The LifeDrive structure allows a progressive sporty design, balanced weight distribution and low centre of gravity, which results in superior driving characteristics. High-tech, super strong CFRP for reduced weight and enhanced aerodynamics let you enjoy sporty driving with a clear conscience. Thanks to the intelligent LifeDrive architecture up to four passengers can share this unique driving pleasure.

Plug-in Hybrid

As a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) the BMW i8 combines the best of both worlds. It lets you experience the fascinating driving experience of electrically powered cars with zero local emissions for everyday use. At the same time it offers sports car performance, unbeatable fuel efficiency and improved range for longer journeys.
But sustainability is not limited to the car's stunning efficiency. The BMW i8 features sustainable premium interior materials that make you feel good about something that feels great.
[Source: BMW]

BMW i3

BMW i3 – The MegaCity Vehicle

The BMW i3 is an example of “purpose design”, which means it isn't simply an adaptation of what already exists. It is a completely new and visionary vehicle concept.
BMW i3

Sustainable Mobility for Megacities

In megacities around the world, a need has arisen for a new kind of sustainable personal mobility that works on many levels. It has to have minimal environmental impact, both on the city's streets and on the planet itself. It has to deliver an effortless, and comfortable driving experience. And it has to intelligently integrate personal mobility within the wider public transport system. The BMW i3 has been created from scratch with all these needs in mind. Whatever questions the megacity may ask, this electric car always has an intelligent, sustainable, beautifully designed answer.

Advanced, lightweight construction

The BMW i3 integrates the newly-developed drive components into a completely new vehicle architecture. Lightweight construction throughout the car and innovative use of CFRP (Carbon Fibre Reinforced Plastic) offers significant benefits to the customer and the environment.

Interior Design Freedom

The BMW i3 boasts significantly more space for its size. The LifeDrive structure also enables the integration of new functionalities and is far less restrictive in terms of vehicle layout. This design freedom allows the interior of the BMW i3 to be inspiringly shaped and sculpted for the demands of urban mobility. Intelligent and intuitive displays, driver assistance systems and location based services make city travelling convenient, streamlined and effortless.
The interior is further enhanced by the use of sustainable and natural materials that create a relaxing atmosphere and define a new level of premium design.

The Electric Motor

The BMW i3 dynamic, high-performance electric motor offers an entirely new level of emission-free driving pleasure.
The electric motors of the BMW Group, such as the BMW i3, generate well over 100 kW. And all of the motor's output is available right from the start. It does not rely on built-up power from engine revolution like a combustion engine. Differentials, slip regulation and a single gear stage ensure that all torque is transferred to the road.
What's more, the profound expertise of the BMW Group in motor design has enabled the company to build its own electric engines. So whenever you drive a BMW i, you drive a BMW.
BMW i3

Acceleration Without Shifting

Electric motors make use of a much larger rotation speed range than combustion engines, achieving RPMs of more than 12,000 without strain. The process of reaching maximum speed is also different as a consequence. Thanks to its high torque, an electric vehicle does not just accelerate faster than a combustion vehicle with comparable horsepower – the high revolutions per minute also enable uninterrupted torque transfer across the entire speed range. The motor's output is channelled through a single transmission stage then relayed directly to the wheels, making a multi-gear transmission unnecessary. Maximum speed is achieved from standstill within a single gear, resulting in an effortless, seemingly uninterrupted surge of acceleration.

Braking With the Accelerator Pedal

The accelerator serves both as brake and throttle – when the foot is taken off the pedal, it actively decelerates. This decelerative torque is used to reclaim energy in a process known as recuperation. The electric motor becomes a generator – producing energy and charging the battery. This intensive use of energy recuperation increases the range of the BMW i3 by up to 20 percent.

Compact and Powerful – the BMW i3 Propulsion System Components

The electric motor also produces higher-density power than a combustion engine, allowing for production and implementation of the same motor output in a smaller space. For instance, the entire propulsion system of the BMW i3, excluding energy storage, is only the size of two drinks crates.

The electric motor’s smaller dimensions and much lower mass require up to 50% less installation space compared to a combustion engine with transmission. This again helps increase vehicle range, improve sustainability and passengers benefit from the extra space created.

Creating the future of the electric engine together.

BMW Group is actively shaping the technical evolution of electromobility. In accordance with the company’s holistic approach, development, production and procurement experts all congregate under a single roof at the “e-plant” in Leipzig, the BMW Group competence center for electric motors. Their unified aim is simple: to develop the world’s most advanced electric motors.
[Source: BMW]

2011 Bahrain GP is cancelled

According to CARS UK, the 2011 Bahrain Grand Prix has been cancelled due to political unrest in that country. It was said that it will be down to Bahrain´s crown prince Salman bin Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa who was the best place in judge. It is now said that the 1st 2011 Grand Prix will now be held in Adelaide in Australia. Bernie Ecclestone will be down $40 million for that cancelled Grand Prix.
This is our first post without a picture.

Sonic targets India and SEGA and UTV Indiagames make a Sonic cricket game

Sonic Cricket

Sonic Cricket Screenshot

SEGA has now spread Sonic into India with a cricket game called “Sonic Cricket”. SEGA´s mobile department´s Kaoru Nagai has said that it wanted to spread the Sonic name into India. Even this game is perhaps unfamiliar to our American readers, because they don´t play cricket overthere. This game should Indian Sonic fans become happier with Sonic playing cricket.

Here is the press release:

UTV Indiagames launches ‘Sonic Cricket’ for mobile Team

(16 February 2011 9:30 pm)

MUMBAI: UTV Indiagames has partnered with the interactive entertainment company Sega Corp. to launch dashing arcade style game Sonic Cricket for mobile.

UTV Indiagames CEO Vishal Gondal said, “Adding an additional entertainment and fun twist to your usual game of cricket, we have associated with Sega, the brainchild behind the much loved character and introduced Sonic to the cricketing world on mobile. With the launch of this game, we look forward to offering gaming enthusiasts, a new opportunity to enjoy their favourite sport, the Sonic way!”

According to the company, Sonic Cricket will be blended in with the original infamous soundtrack of Sonic. It is a fast moving cricket game targeted at both the enthusiasts of the game and fans of the character.

Sega Corporation mobile department manager Kaoru Nagai said, “Our association with UTV Indiagames reiterates our commitment to spread the ‘Sonic’ brand to the users in India. Launching Sonic Cricket will definitely be considered as one of our breakthroughs as 2011 is Sonic’s 20th anniversary and bringing together the character with one of the most played games in this country, will definitely add to our celebrations.”

China broadcasts Top Gear on Chinese TV

Top Gear China
The British TV series Top Gear, has planned to be aired in China. Since then the series was also broadcasted in the USA, Australia and Russia and in many other countries such as Latin America, the Republic of Ireland, Belgium and Italy. The British, American and Australian being presented by Jeremy Clarkson (who presented Top Gear UK since 1988). I don´t if the Chinese version will have a Chinese Stig. This is why BBC wanted to air the series in China because of being the world´s largest car market, with 13,790,994, with Japan in second place (7,934,516), USA in third place (5,711,823) and Germany in fourth place (5,209,857).
According to Telegraph (UK):

China is widely considered to be the world’s largest car market, so it only makes sense that it would be the next nation to get a home grown version of Top Gear. After all, aside from Top Gear UK there’s also Top Gear Australia, Top Gear U.S.A. and Top Gear Russia.
The big fear at the moment is that Top Gear’s trademark brand of risqué humour and hilarious stunts won’t make it past the nominally strict Chinese censors, resulting in a show that’s less funny and lacking it’s UK cousin’s critical edge.
Cao Yunjin, a local comedian and one of Top Gear China’s (Zui Gao Dang’s) three hosts agrees:
“The boys go crazy in the show, like pushing a Maserati over the top of a three-storey building and smashing it. It may be too much violence for a fun programme in China.”
He does, however, promise that the show will stay true to its UK roots:
“Top Gear has been successful because the way the UK hosts present it is entertaining. We will do localised fun stuff.”

The pilot episode will feature a competition between a donkey and a Cadillac to see which is better suited to millstone work (that is, turning a wheel to grind wheat or grain). Zui Gao Dang will air later this year on China’s state-owned China Central Television.